New importer for Netflix and Spotify

In addition to the preparations for the launch of the marketplace in Germany, we have enriched our platform with some great new features. With our new importers we now make it easy for you to import your data from Netflix and Spotify to BitsaboutMe. This gives you a comprehensive overview of your streaming history and allows you to extend your personal data profile on BitsaboutMe.

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How big tech is undermining the essence of GDPR

Adding free API access to data portability to give users ownership of their personal data

The big tech companies (Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc.) have found a new way to undermine GDPR and users’ rights to own and control their personal data.

In the past all tech players offered free and powerful APIs that allowed users to access their data in real time. These APIs combined with a robust authentication layer (oauth) made it possible for startups like BitsaboutMe to build convenient consumer products based on user consent to extract and use personal data, i.e. allow data portability and make users true owners of their data.

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Amazon & Zalando: The first connectors for online shops are available!

Amazon and Zalando data on BitsaboutMe

At BitsaboutMe, we firmly believe that every user of online services has a right on his personal data. Since Amazon is one of the largest players in e-commerce and thus collects quite a lot of data from us, we decided to develop a connector for Amazon data. But that’s not all: for all fashion friends among our users, we have added a connector for Zalando data.

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Data fairtrade as a sustainable competitive advantage


smartphone showing a coffee cup

What do personal data have in common with coffee? Nothing at first glance. But if we look behind the scenes of the production of the black elixir of life, we will find what we are looking for. At least when we look at fair trade data and fair produced coffee. Just as Fairtrade strengthens coffee producers and promotes fair trade, BitsaboutMe strengthens Internet users to benefit from the value of their personal data.

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