BitsaboutMe is a new service that empowers you to reclaim control over your personal data, in order to better protect your privacy and to get a fair deal when sharing your personal data profile with interested companies. All it takes are 3 easy steps:



BitsaboutMe helps you to easily extract your data from large online companies and others and to store it safely and securely in your own Personal Data Store.


Get an overview of your personal data trail. What information is stored, by whom, what does it tell you? Get to know yourself better and make smarter decisions.


Start to manage your data by setting your own rules, defining what you want to keep private and what you share and with whom.


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What it’s all about

We want our users to become sovereign actors in the personal data economy and no longer be treated as “the product” by large corporations. BitsaboutMe never sells your data – in our setup it is technically impossible – we will provide a service empowering you to share it in return for remuneration, if you decide to do so. The BitsaboutMe Personal Data Store (PDS) and the associated services are free for consumers and always will be. Our long term goal is to offer you an online data marketplace where you can securely share your data while keeping full control over it. Imagine a version of eBay where instead of goods, access-rights to personal data profiles can be securely traded.

Data processors are increasingly willing to pay for access to high-quality and current data and with BitsaboutMe you now will be the one getting paid. If you successfully share your personal data profile with interested companies, then you get the proceeds and BitsaboutMe will get a commission for managing the transaction and to ensure that your data and privacy is protected throughout the process. There is no obligation to participate in the online data marketplace and share your personal data profile. You can always continue to use the PDS free of charge just for yourself without sharing anything.


Click on the image above to play a video describing what you can do with BitsaboutMe or find here some use cases.


Our Promise

The data is yours not ours – Always!
We never see your data
We never sell your data
We keep your data safe, secure and private
You have full control – Always!
You alone decide, what your data is being used for

Member of the Swiss Data Alliance


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