BitsaboutMe is a new service that empowers you to reclaim control over your personal data, in order to better protect your privacy and to get a fair deal when sharing your personal data profile with trustworthy companies and institutions.





Sign up for free on BitsaboutMe and connect to your online accounts

Store your personal data safe and secure in your own encrypted PDS

Search and browse your online data from different platforms in one place

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Use statistics and individual analysis to find out what your data says about you

Generate your personal data profile and complete it with relevant information

Activate the marketplace and define which data you are willing to share

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Receive offers for data deals from trustworthy companies and institutions

Decide which data deals you accept and see what your data is used for

See how much you have earned by sharing your data and get paid in one click

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Our Promise

The data is yours not ours – Always!
We never see your data
We never sell your data
We keep your data safe, secure and private
You have full control – Always!
You alone decide, what your data is being used for

Member of MyData Global

Member Swiss Data Alliance


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