Shop smart and live healthy with the new Nutri-Score

Healthy eating starts with healthy grocery shopping. In cooperation with ETH Zurich we enable you to monitor your diet with your purchasing data on our new Nutri-Score card and to improve it sustainably.

That’s what the Nutri-Score system is all about

Nutri-Score is a five-step color scale going from dark green (Nutri-Score A) to dark red (Nutri-Score E). At a glance, you can see how the nutritional elements of a product are evaluated per 100 grams. The score includes unfavourable and favourable nutritional elements. Favourable nutritional elements initially receive a higher score (up to a maximum of 5) and unfavourable nutritional elements a lower score (at least 0). The overall result of this calculation can be between 5 (Nutri-Score A) and 0 (Nutri-Score E). The higher and greener your Nutri-Score is, the healthier is your diet.

Do you want to know your nutrient intake? Do you want to balance your diet? The Nutri-Score card visualizes this data and helps you to better understand your nutritional pattern and behavior and to optimize your diet.

Monitoring your shopping behaviour with the NutriScore widget on BitsaboutMe

Sharing purchasing data and optimizing nutrition

Log in to your BitsaboutMe account or register here to create your personal BitsaboutMe account. If you have already connected your Migros Cumulus Card and/or your Coop Supercard to your BitsaboutMe account, you can activate your personal Nutri-Score card on the marketplace. All relevant information about your food purchases, which is automatically recorded on your customer cards, is linked to a Nutri-Score product database developed by our partners from ETH Zurich and analyzed. Your privacy is protected throughout the entire procedure, as the research group processes the data in anonymized form only.

Innovative ETH research supporting public health

The Auto-ID Lab at ETH Zurich has developed a system that matches grocery receipts with ingrediencies data and derives Nutri-Score information for your individual shopping baskets. This product database is continuously extended and updated by the research group and results will improve over time in both coverage and quality. Although there are limitations to this method, e.g. when you shop for multiple people or when you eat food that is not captured in your shopping data (restaurant, farmers market etc.), it will give you a first indication of your shopping behavior.

The ETH group also wants to go one step further in their research. To correct such effects and derive more personalized nutritional information, they relate groceries purchases and survey data using machine learning. Pleas find all details on the Receipt2Nutrition homepage.

Further support the ETH research by participating in their dietary survey

You can support our partners at ETH Zurich by participating in the Receipt2Nutrition program. Thus, you make an important contribution to the prevention of nutrition-related diseases with your data. Accept the corresponding deal on the marketplace and fill out a survey on nutrition. After completing this survey, you will receive in addition to the Nutri-Score card a detailed analysis of your current eating habits.

Curious? Discover now your personal Nutri-Score card on BitsaboutMe!