Google data on BitsaboutMe

BitsaboutMe helps you to make sense of your Google data

Discover now on BitsaboutMe what Google knows about you: what you search for on the Internet, which videos you watch on YouTube, how many steps you make, which places you pass and much more!

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  1. Go to Google Takeout and sign in with your Google account
  2. Choose the following products in the list: Chrome, Fit, Location History, My Activity, Profile
  3. For the archive format, select the file type ZIP and the delivery method Add to Drive
  4. Sign up for free on BitsaboutMe and connect your Google account

Detailed instructions

Having a Google account is a prerequisite for exporting your data. You need your Gmail address and your password. The export is then performed via this account as follows:

Google account Login

Google browser data Chrome

Google Drive

Google activity data and location history

Google profile data

Google Takeout archive format

Please note: For the 5 Google products mentioned above, the export takes only a few minutes because the archive file is quite small.

Once your data archive is ready, Google will notify you by email. Your data will then automatically be connected to BitsaboutMe the next time you sign in.

Please take care of this data archive, that is to say delete it on your Google Drive after connecting it to BitsaboutMe.

If you want to update your Google data, just create a new data archive as described above. BitsaboutMe updates Google data no more than once a day.