The email import for Coop and Amazon does not work

  • Make sure that the correct email account is connected. You can find the account under the corresponding tile in “My Data” and the submenu “Import receipt or email”. The email account that receives the corresponding emails must be listed here and the “Email already connected” button must be displayed in grey.
  • Make sure that the emails have actually been imported. To do this, select the period “All” in the “Statistics” section and then use the plus sign to select the corresponding email account for data sources. Then you can search your emails in the search field using the keyword Coop Supercard or Amazon.
  • If not all relevant emails appear, just disconnect and reconnect the email. Please disconnect the email account and the Coop or Amazon account in your PDS and then reconnect the email account (depending on the size this may take some time) and reconnect to Coop/Amazon if you are sure that all data has been imported.