If you were unable to import your Google data into your PDS, this may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • After connecting to your Google account, you did not create a data archive (see instructions). Since Google does not allow fully automatic data import, this still has to be done manually.
  • When creating your data archive, make sure that you have selected the right products in the list (Chrome, Fit, Location History, My Activity, Profile).
  • Also check that you have selected the file type “ZIP” and the transmission method “Drive” for the archive format. As soon as your data archive is available, you must log out of your user account and then log in again. Only then the data import can be started. Depending on the data volume, the import may take some time.
  • Google has not stored any personal data about you for the services concerned. This is unlikely, but should also be considered.

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