Server maintenance

Due to server maintenance our website was temporarily unavailable on Sunday, 16.12.18, between 06:00 and 10:00 AM.

The maintenance has been carried out successfully and our services are all available again.

Press release marketplace

Today we published the press release for the launch of our marketplace. At the same time we also updated the company factsheet. Both documents are now available on our website under Press & Media.

New Coop Importer

BitsaboutMe continues to be enriched with new features. With the launch of our marketplace, the Coop importer has made its appearance. You can now import your Coop data into your Personal Data Store (PDS).

You can request your purchase history from Coop as PDF file and upload it to your PDS, as well as connect your Supercard ID to BitsaboutMe to continuously import your digital receipts.

Launch marketplace

We made it! We have officially launched our marketplace for personal data! Now you can sell your data for the first time and participate in the personal data economy by sharing your data profile with interested companies and institutions on the BitsaboutMe Personal Data Marketplace (PDM).

By providing a marketplace for consumers and companies, we take a decisive step towards a fair and transparent data exchange, in which you as a user and your data sovereignty always come first.

PHP update

Today we have successfully completed a major PHP update. Due to the complexity of this update it was no longer possible to connect new data sources. After some fixes the import of data, except Facebook (security standards), is now working fine again.

Revision of the Facebook importer

As a result of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has adjusted its app review process. Therefore, it was temporarily not possible to import Facebook data on BitsaboutMe. Now we have adapted our Facebook importer to the new standards.

Thus, the automatic import of Facebook data works again, with the exception of the interactive graph of all Facebook friends. This graph is no longer available due to more restrictive data protection settings.

If your Facebook data is still not completely visible, we advise you to disconnect your Facebook account from BitsaboutMe and to connect it again.

New Outlook importer

From now on, Outlook email accounts can also be connected to BitsaboutMe.

As with all email accounts, an Outlook account is connected to the PDS in read-only mode. The email on the server remains unchanged. Also, the email remains private at all times and only the user himself can access it.

Integration of new YouTube format

Our Google importer is now equipped with the new YouTube format.

Since Google recently changed the format for YouTube data export, we had to integrate this new format into our Google importer.

Unfortunately, Google does still not allow fully automatic data import. Therefore, as before, you first must create a Google data archive. This data archive can be exported as “ZIP” file, using the delivery method “Drive”.

After those steps, the further processing by BitsaboutMe is again fully automatic.

New LinkedIn importer

BitsaboutMe continues to be enriched with new features. Just lately, the LinkedIn importer has made its appearance. You can now import your LinkedIn profile data into your Personal Data Store (PDS).

The LinkedIn data we are currently importing are personal information (name, date of birth) and demographic information (job position, industry).