Review of the year 2020

2020 was an exceptional year in every respect – for us too. We developed many exciting features, celebrated successes and made interesting contacts. Just in time for the end of the year, we have another little surprise for you: Your review of the year 2020!

BitsaboutMe evaluates your last 12 months

1 year, 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes – more than enough time to collect plenty of data. On BitsaboutMe you can now see your personal review of the last 12 months. The analysis includes the number of websites you visited and YouTube videos you watched, your Facebook and Instagram posts, streaming activity, shopping data and more. And by the way: this analysis is completely private and no one can see it without your consent except you – not even BitsaboutMe.

Your review of the year lets you discover a lot of exciting things: Which data were at the head of your list in 2020? How active were you on social media? How many emails did you send and receive? By clicking on the corresponding data source, you directly get to the Stats section. There you can browse the data behind these numbers in detail.

Compare & share with friends

Another interesting feature is the comparison with other BitsaboutMe users. You can compare the number of your data records from 2020 and see how you fare against others. It is also possible to share your personal review of the year 2020 with your community. The sharing feature can be found in the upper right corner of the graph Your Last 12 Months and is currently available for Whatsapp, Email, Twitter and Facebook.

Now it is your turn to check it out. Share it with the world. Or hide it from it. Or whatever. Because with us, you always decide what happens to your data – and so it remains in the future. Your 2020 wrapped

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