Here you can find the latest product updates on BitsaboutMe.


May 20

Visualization contact density

The new importers for Bluetooth and GPS provide you new insights into your contact data. To ensure a better visualization...
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May 20

Beta version Android app

Our new Android app (beta version in Play Store) has Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) functionality and serves as a contact...
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May 20

Bluetooth and GPS importer

BitsaboutMe continues to be enriched with new features. Just lately, the GPS and Bluetooth importer have made their appearance. This...
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Apr 20

Data donation on marketplace

For a research study of the University of Zurich which aims to better understand the effects of SARS-CoV-2 on the...
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Mar 20

Launch of Progressive Web App (PWA)

BitsaboutMe is now available as Progressive Web App (PWA). The new PWA focuses on an innovative and improved user experience...
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Jun 19

Marketplace Germany

Today we officially launched our data marketplace for Germany. The press release with images is now available on our website...
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Nov 18

Launch marketplace

We made it! We have officially launched our marketplace for personal data! Now you can sell your data for the...
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