Use Cases

Discover a few examples of how you can use BitsaboutMe to get an overview of your digital life.

Example of Carbon Footprint



Carbon footprint

How many tons of CO2 do I cause by my lifestyle?

With the CO2 calculator on BitsaboutMe, this can easily be found out – even based on actual data. For a rough estimate, I first fill out a short survey. After importing my mobility data from Google and my Netflix history, I can see how resource intensive I actually live. 4.1 tons – if everyone lived like I do, we would need more than one Earth! On the graph, I can immediately see in which area my greatest potential for improvement lies.

High time to take a closer look at a plant-based diet…



Most popular genres

What genres of music make up my everyday life?

As a big music lover, I would like to know which music styles make up my everyday life. The straightforward connection of Spotify to BitsaboutMe makes it possible to discover this in the twinkling of an eye. After importing my tracks from Spotify, I can see my personal Top 10 in the tab WHAT of the Stats section.

Lo and behold, my suspicions were confirmed: without pop music and canadian artists, my rhythm of life would definitely not be the same!

Most popular music genres from Spotify
Example of Daily contact numbers compared to the average



Daily encounters

How many Bluetooth contacts do I have in comparison to others?

In times of Corona, transparency about our own contacts helps us to behave responsibly. With BitsaboutMe I can easily find out how the number of my encounters with Bluetooth devices and COVID apps compare to the daily average of all BitsaboutMe users. So if I am regularly well above the average, it can help me to adjust my social distancing behavior.



Contact density

Where did I have the most encounters?

This can be found out in a trice with BitsaboutMe! Once I have Bluetooth and GPS connected, I will be able to see the contact density of Bluetooth devices directly after logging in. The heatmap lets me see at a glance where I have been exposed to the most Bluetooth contacts. Thus, I always know which places I better avoid or where I need to be especially careful to protect myself and others.

Example Contact Density Heatmap
Example Nutri-Score Analysis




Healthy eating starts with healthy grocery shopping – so what about my shopping habits?

The Nutri-Score card gives me the blunt answer! All I need to do is connecting my Migros Cumulus Card and my Coop Supercard to my BitsaboutMe account to see a chart in the insights showing me the health value of my grocery purchases. This enables me to monitor my eating habits based on my purchasing data in an easy way and, if necessary, to make sustainable improvements.



Geodata trail

Which apps do I use most often on my way to work?

To find this out, I first import my data from Google, Facebook and Instagram into my BitsaboutMe account. And then I get a glimpse of my digital life: my geodata trail shows me not only when and where, but also how often I used online services during a certain period of time.

I am wondering what I would do on my way to work without mobile devices…

Example Geodata Trail
Example Youtube History



YouTube history

How can I retrieve the music video that I have recently watched on YouTube?

With BitsaboutMe, this is quite easy! Once I have connected my Google account to BitsaboutMe and downloaded my activity data, I go to the DETAILS section in Stats, select YouTube as data source and after that I click on SHOW. Now I see my entire YouTube history organized in chronological order. Then I enter the day in the filter module and, by clicking on Details, I can watch the music video I was looking for directly on BitsaboutMe in full length.



Topic search

How can I retrieve the exciting article about Personal Data that I read recently?

This is very simple: in the DETAILS section of Stats, I select the data sources Google Search, Email and Google Chrome. In addition, I enter the keyword Data in the search field – and off to go! With BitsaboutMe, I can recover all my search queries, emails and visited websites containing the term Data without strenuous searching.

Example Topic Search
Example Location History



Location history

What was the name of the restaurant where I met with friends last Thursday?

BitsaboutMe helps me to find this out. Going to Stats, I select Google location as data source. For the time span, I choose the according day and then I click on SHOW. After that, I can see all the places which I passed by on that day – now I just need to limit the region, zoom a bit and then the restaurant I am looking for immediately catches my eye!



Daily steps

At what time of the day should I go for a short walk?

I track my daily physical activities with the app Google Fit. Thanks to the Google connector on BitsaboutMe, I can easily import my data from Google Fit into my Personal Data Store (PDS). Once this is done, I see a chart with my average steps per hour of the day. It can thus be concluded that I am mainly active in the mornings, afternoons and evenings, but I hardly have any exercise at noon. Now I instantly know where I am going to spend my lunch breaks from now on – namely outside in the fresh air.

Example Steps by Hour of the Day
Example Savings and Spendings



Expenses and savings

How much did I save during the last month due to special offers?

I have set myself the goal of spending less money on grocery shopping. To keep track of that, the Migros data card in the insights is very helpful. At only one glance, I can see how much money I have spent per week, as well as how much I have been able to save due to special offers. I discovered that I saved 5.4% last week. Not bad – but there is still room for improvement. So, it is all the more important to pay attention to special offers when making my next purchase!



Most popular products

Which Migros articles do I buy the most often?

BitsaboutMe helps me to come up with the answer. Under Stats, I go to the WHAT section and select my Migros data. By scrolling to the right, I can see which products I bought the most often, as well as the exact number of purchases.

Example Most Popular Products
Example Purchase Details



Purchase details

Accounting without receipts? No problem with BitsaboutMe!

To keep track of my commited expenditure, I no longer need to collect receipts. Instead, I go to Stats in the Details section and select Migros as data source. Now I see the total of all my purchases at Migros. By clicking on Details I can see how much I have spent on each product, on what day and what time, as well as in which store.




Which issues were most frequently taken up in BitsaboutMe’s tweets?

To figure this out, I go to My Data and I connect the Twitter account @bitsaboutme. Back in Stats, I navigate to the word cloud in the tab WHAT, which shows me the most frequently used terms. Now it is proven: PERSONAL DATA and PRIVACY are at the top of BitsaboutMe’s priority list!

By the way: as all tweets are public by default, you can connect any Twitter account to your PDS and keep up to date.

Example Twitter Word Cloud
Facebook activity



Facebook activity

What does Facebook know about me?

Pretty much! After uploading my archive file from Facebook to BitsaboutMe, I not only get to see a graph of my friends’ network, all my posts, likes, comments and reactions, but also every single message of my entire chat history. There has been a lot of accumulation over the years…



Netflix habits

When do I use Netflix most often?

Netflix is a great streaming platform that really has a lot to offer. However, the temptation to spend hours watching movies and series is not small at all. Thanks to the Netflix importer on BitsaboutMe, I can now find out which days I spend the most time on Netflix. By looking at the graph, it is obvious that my streaming activity peaks on Fridays and Sundays.

Netflix habits
Example Graph Email Contacts



Email graph

With which persons do I maintain a particularly lively and intensive contact?

To answer this question, I go under Stats to the tab WHO. In the filter module, I select my email account as data source and then I click on SHOW. Now I see all my email contacts, as well as the relations between them on an interactive graph. By clicking on the biggest circles, I can seek out my top email contacts in a flash!



Most popular search terms

Which search terms did I use most frequently during the last year?

A quick look in the insights is all it takes to get to know my search history. The interactive graph Google Time Travel shows my most popular search terms during the last year. By using the buttons underneath the graph I can stop, fast-forward and rewind the course of time without any problems. The orange bar always shows me exactly where I am standing. The way it looks, it is hard to imagine my everyday life without Google…

Example Google Search Terms
Example Map




From which locations in the world did I post photos on Instagram?

If the location history on my smartphone is activated, this can be found out in only few clicks. Under Stats, I go straight to the  tab WHERE. I select Instagram as data source and then I click on SHOW. Now I can see a map showing the locations from which I shared my personal snapshots with my Instagram followers. It looks like it is time again for another trip!