At BitsaboutMe, we firmly believe that every user of online services has a right on his personal data. Since Amazon is one of the largest players in e-commerce and thus collects quite a lot of data from us, we decided to develop a connector for Amazon data.

From now on, you can easily import your personal data from Amazon into your Personal Data Store (PDS).

Why online shops?

When was the last time you bought something online? Last week? Yesterday? Or even today? Given the fact that online shopping is continually increasing and with it a lot of personal data are generated, the time has come to launch our first connector for online shopping data. Due to its leading market position as well as its wide product range, our first choice was Amazon.

How does the new connector work?

Import your online shopping data to BitsaboutMe in only few clicks: Simply activate your Amazon emails and connect them to your BitsaboutMe account. As for all email accounts, your emails will be connected in read-only mode. In doing so, your emails remain private at any time and you are the only one who can read and access it. You can also request your entire search and purchase history directly on Once you have requested your data, Amazon wil send you your personal information as a PDF file within 30 days. You can then upload this file to your PDS. Detailed instructions on how to request your data from Amazon can be found here.

Which benefits do you have with the new connector?

With the new connectors, you can see your orders not only in your Amazon account, but also in your PDS on BitsaboutMe. Thus you get exciting insights into your data in a quick and simple way: How many times have you ordered on Amazon? On which days of the week are you particularly keen to shop online? And at what time of the day? A graphic also shows you which products you bought the most often. The section DETAILS also allows you to browse your entire purchase and search history from the two online platforms.

Moreover, your Amazon data will allow you to land some great new marketplace deals in the future. So stay tuned!

Test the new connector on BitsaboutMe today and get unique insights into your online shopping data! You do not have a BitsaboutMe account yet? Then register here for free.