Say goodbye to paper—all expenses and receipts in one place

Digitally consolidate and securely store all your shopping receipts. They are automatically matched with transactions from your bank accounts, and you get an individual overview of your spending. If you share your shopping data, you get 1% cashback.

  1. Connect your accounts from over 3,000 banks via our Open-Banking Partner SaltEdge.
  2. Import your electronic receipts and digitize paper receipts easily in the app.
  3. Keep track of all your expenses.
  4. Activate cashback and get a 1% bonus on the purchase value.

The receipt manager gives you a quick and easy way to see where you spend your money, and you always have the right receipt for taxes, expenses, or a warranty case at hand. In addition, you can earn 1% cashback for anonymously sharing your shopping data: on all supermarket purchases, at all retailers, paid in cash—without plastic cards and annoying ads.

You would like to get some more information about the receipt manager before signing up on BitsaboutMe? Find out more here.