New Instagram connector and what you can do with it

In addition to your Facebook account, you can now also connect your Instagram account quickly and effortlessly with BitsaboutMe, to see what you shared, how many likes you got and from whom.

Connecting your Instagram account is easy. By entering your username and your Password, a copy of your Instagram data will be imported into your Personal Data Store (PDS).

Open Authorization (OAuth)

To connect your Instagram account with BitsaboutMe, we use OAuth (Open Authorization). This corresponds to the highest security level for web and mobile applications. It allows you to import your Instagram data into your BitsaboutMe account, without exposing your password. The protection of your personal login information is thus always guaranteed.

New features

Once you have connected your Instagram account, an additional card on your dashboard shows you the four latest Instagram pictures that you have posted.

Clicking on this card gets you to the “Stats” section with more options to explore your data in detail. A fascinating feature is the interactive social graph. This graph shows you the network of your Instagram followers with their profile pictures and the number of likes you received each from them.

On another interface you will find a map, where you can see the locations, from where your posts have been posted or liked.

In order to maintain the overview of all your Instagram posts, you can discover your whole Instagram history on the well-organised timeline, including further details.

Privacy protection

And bear in mind that even when you connect your Instagram account, you are the only person who has control over the imported data. All your information is safely stored in your Personal Data Store (PDS). Therefore, BitsaboutMe can neither see nor touch your personal data.

Login here and try out now our new Instagram connector.

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