Streaming von Musik und Filmen auf Mobile Devices

In addition to the preparations for the launch of the marketplace in Germany, we have enriched our platform with some great new features. With our new importers we now make it easy for you to import your data from Netflix and Spotify to BitsaboutMe. This gives you a comprehensive overview of your streaming history and allows you to extend your personal data profile on BitsaboutMe.

To import your music history from Spotify to BitsaboutMe, you just need to enter your login information, as you do for Facebook or Instagram. By doing so, you connect your Spotify account to BitsaboutMe and your data will be imported into your PDS via the API. Due to the fact that Spotify’s API only provides a limited number of tracks, you will see “only” your last 50 tracks.

Netflix, on the other hand, provides your entire history: to do this, you can download your data as a CSV file directly from your user account. It is provided by Netflix in real time and contains your entire history with the respective date and time. You can then upload this file to BitsaboutMe to import your entire history into your PDS. Here you will find detailed instructions on how to import your Netflix data. And if you are a busy Netflix user, the first exciting marketplace deal from an innovative partner is already waiting for you!

So drop in to see what is new. And if you are not registered yet, now is a good time to try it out.

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