Kontaktdichte auf BitsaboutMe Mobile App

April showers bring May flowers – this also applies at BitsaboutMe! In addition to the beta launch of our Android app, we were able to implement some great ideas on our platform this month. Now a couple of new features are waiting to be discovered! In this article you will find out what is new on BitsaboutMe and get a first insight into future developments.

New features create unique insights

With the new importers for Bluetooth and GPS you get brand new insights into your contact data. Reason enough for us to create a new dashboard card! If you have Bluetooth and GPS connected, we show you the contact density of Bluetooth devices immediately after logging in. The heatmap shows you where and how many encounters have been detected. Thus, we can help you to better assess your own social distancing behavior and, for example, to avoid hotspots with higher risk in a smart way.

We were also working on a better visualization and structuring for Chrome data. Under “Stats” in the tab WHO you now see your browsing history as a graphic with all favicons, i.e. the small symbols or logos used by web browsers to mark websites in a recognizable way. Depending on the size of these favicons, you can then immediately see which websites you visit most often. And by the way: On the marketplace, you now have the opportunity to share your anonymous browsing history with our research partners from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences (HSLU). By doing so, you actively support us in the development of one of our upcoming product features, a method for classifying browsing histories.

Better UX thanks to new filters and categories

But that is not all. On the marketplace you will find an improved filter function and offer categories. This makes it even easier to browse and organise your offers on the marketplace. By clicking on the filter symbol, you can filter and sort the offers according to your wishes. Moreover, we show you right at the top of the marketplace a selected category with recommended data deals – the “Chef’s Choice” by BitsaboutMe!

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