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Again and again we read about data breaches where thousands, sometimes even millions of user data were stolen. And especially if you have an account on one of the affected websites, you may wonder if your data were affected as well.

The latest feature on BitsaboutMe enables you to check if your email has been part of a data breach. It is a quick and easy way to find out if the data security of your online accounts is compromised.

Email hacked? Find out now!

To find out if your email is part of a major data breach, you need to log in to BitsaboutMe and enable the email verification on the dashboard card “Is your email compromised?. Your email will then be checked against the “Have I been Pwned” database via a secure data query and tested for possible hits each time you log in to your BitsaboutMe account.

The website has been developed by the Australian security researcher Troy Hunt and maintains a database of all email addresses from publicly known data breaches. Currently the database includes more than 400 leaked websites with more than 9.1 billion affected user accounts, and the trend is still upwards …

Always keep an eye on data security

In the best case scenario, a pop-up message with a green tick will appear after the completed email check – so your email has not shown up online in any of the large data packages of recent years.

Otherwise you will see a pop-up message with a red exclamation mark. That means that your email has been compromised in at least one known data breach. With a click on Details you can also find out which data breach(es) it was (or were), when it happened and which data was stolen.

However, there is no reason to panic right away. Even if your email appears in the database of, it does not mean that your account data is circulating on any dubious website. It “only” means that there is a potential risk. Therefore it may be wise to change your password and check the account settings. And, by the way: our latest feature also has a notification function that will automatically warn you if your email was hijacked.

Sign in now and have your email checked on a regular basis! And if you do not have a BitsaboutMe account yet, you can register here for free.

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