Visualisierung Facebook-Daten auf BitsaboutMe

As you might have noticed, Facebook has continuously limited the amount of data that we can automatically import through the API. Alternatively, Facebook offers an export file which is, however, difficult to handle. That’s why we have built a new import feature that lets you import more data from Facebook into your Personal Data Store (PDS) than ever before.

To access your data stored by Facebook, you need to log into your Facebook account and create an archive file. Facebook will then notify you by email once your archive file is ready to download. This zip file, which contains your entire Facebook history, can then be easily uploaded to your BitsaboutMe account under My Data. In case you need some help, you can get a jump start here. Depending on the data volume, you will need to have a little patience when uploading the file. As soon as the light at the top left of the Facebook card turns green, you get with one click directly to the Stats section, where there is now pretty much to discover!

Friends, likes and messages

A great tool, for example, is the interactive social graph in the WHO tab. It shows you the network of all your friends with the number of reactions, posts and messages you have made to each one of them. If you use the arrows at the bottom of the screen you can change between different views and see which friends you send the most messages to or with whom you distribute the most Likes, comments & co.

If you want to see your Facebook activities in chronological order, you will find them in the tab DETAILS. There you can see all your posts, likes, reactions and messages. By clicking on “Details” you can also easily view specific posts or even entire chat histories.

And never forget you always have full control over the data you import from your Facebook account. All information from the archive file is stored securely in your PDS and is encrypted on a user level. So BitsaboutMe can never see or access your personal information without your explicit consent.

Login here and try out our new file upload for Facebook right now! And if you don’t have a BitsaboutMe account yet, you can sign up here for free.