Everyone likes a better experience. To make using BitsaboutMe easier, more enjoyable and more intuitive than ever, we have redesigned the structure of our platform during the past few weeks. Here is what to expect …

Better overview with new structure

With the growing number of available data sources, the Dashboard aka Home has become increasingly complex over time. That is why we have completely overhauled the dashboard to split the information into two new sections, cockpit and insights.

After logging in you will now land on the Cockpit, where you can see all information concerning your account at a glance. We now show you, among other things, a quick overview of your personal data, your wallet balance and which of the connected data sources need an update. In addition, we enable you with a newly designed data card to accept exciting deals directly in the cockpit, without navigating to the marketplace.

Next to the cockpit you will find the new section Insights. With this section we have created a place where you can get a quick and compact overview of your digital self. Thus, you will find pre-configured analyses and interactive graphics of your imported data. So check it out right away!

And although the stats section is no longer in the main menu, it is only one click away on both pages.

Improved onboarding and introduction pages

But that was not all: we also have something new for new arrivals. With the new onboarding process and the colorfully illustrated introduction pages, we help new users to get to know the platform and show them the most important functionalities of the different sections – in a short and crisp way.

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