When you use the financial assistant on BitsaboutMe, we will organize your finances and receipts for you digitally in one place. And with this information, you can now in Switzerland and Germany even earn money: provide your anonymous shopping data for market research and get back 1% bonus on the purchase value with our Cashback Program – easy, without plastic card and paperwork.

The most modern way of cashback – 100% digital and anonymous

Our new Cashback Program gives you a number of advantages: you get a full 1% back on your supermarket purchases. This applies to all retailers, no matter where you buy, and in addition to all other loyalty programs. For example, you will get miles from your credit card, loyalty points from your loyalty card, and cash from BitsaboutMe all at the same time with every purchase. Your cashback will be credited to your BitsaboutMe account immediately, and you can transfer it directly to your bank account with just a few clicks.

To participate in the Cashback Program, you need to accept the corresponding deal on the marketplace, and you are in immediately, without any additional sign up or plastic card. For each receipt that can be matched to a bank transaction, you will then receive 1% of the amount back in cash. It is that easy!

And as always with BitsaboutMe, keeping your data safe and secure is our top priority in the Cashback Program. All data shared by you, i.e. purchase amount, date, purchased items and merchant, are transmitted completely anonymously. Thus, no conclusions about you as a person are possible. Due to this complete anonymity, we can also guarantee that you will never receive annoying advertisements – unlike other bonus programs.

What makes us different from other Cashback Programs

  • Real 1% cashback on all supermarket purchases – up to 10 CHF/EUR per month
  • At all retailers and plastic card free
  • 100% digital, anonymous, and ad-free
  • Quick payment in cash
  • Overview of all expenses as a free additional feature

Click here for the full list of terms.

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