Framework Data Offers

Category Icon Description
Personal informationPersonal information that can be used to identifies you as a person
Demographic informationInformation about your demographic characteristics
Interests and behaviorsPerson with a speech balloonTopics that you are interested in
Targeted advertisingYour data is used to anonymously serve you personalized advertisements i.e. without sharing your personal identifiable information
Research & AnalysisYour data is used anonymously to better understand user behaviors and preferences in aggregation, e.g. market research
Profiling & ScoringYour data is used to create a profile and/or score you, e.g. for customer segmentation
Public displayYour data is presented or published in a public place
Trust & SafetyYour data is used to improve your safety or the safety of the systems you are using, e.g. to verify that it is you
SharingYour data is shared with partner companies.
OperationsYour data is used for proper operations of products, services or business processes
Direct marketingYour data is used to contact you personally for marketing purposes.
ArchivingYour data is stored and archived by the requestor
Web trackingYour web activity is tracked and used to understand behaviors and to improve services
Geo trackingYour GPS location data is tracked and used to understand how you move and what places you visit
One-time accessYour data is accessed only once
Continuous accessYour data is accessed multiple times
Aggregation/anonymizationYour data is used anonymously without identifying you as a person
Storage of dataYour data is collected and stored on the requestor’s servers
AnalysisData is processed and/or analyzed
Sharing with specific partnersYour data is being shared with the third party service providers who are listed in the offer description
Merging of dataYour data is merged or combined with other data that the requestor has already collected about you