BitsaboutMe is a new service that empowers you to reclaim control over your personal data, in order to better protect your privacy and to get a fair deal when sharing your data with companies. The service is free for consumers and always will be.

Our Core Beliefs

  • To mitigate the downside risks of artificial intelligence and mass manipulation (nudging) consumers need to start at the source and gain control of their personal data.

  • We need a new deal for personal data. The data for “free” services model is not sustainable any longer. Consumer privacy is violated at an increasing rate by both companies and governments.

  • Personal data is a valuable asset and should not be locked away, but utilized under the consumer’s full control.

  • GDPR created the missing legal framework to change the game and must be brought to life through innovative “Privacy By Design” consumer products like BitsaboutMe.

  • The management of one’s personal data and digital identity will become cornerstones of individuals in the post digital revolution.

Our Mission

  • Empower consumers to regain control of their personal data

  • Establish a new deal for personal data and a platform to trade it securely and under consumers’ full control

  • Apply good product design and modern technology to rebuild trust and to make the task of personal data management so effortless for consumers that it becomes a habit like checking emails or a bank account, and that consumers start to share their data more openly under their own terms and control

Our Promise

  • The data is yours not ours – Always!

  • We never see your data

  • We never sell your data

  • We keep your data safe, secure and private

  • You have full control – Always!

  • You alone decide, what your data is being used for


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