Problems For Institutions

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Data Quality Issues

Numerous institutions suffer from high costs due to poor data quality and lack of customer trust

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Limited Data Access

Limited access to customer data is increasingly becoming a competitve risk for many industries

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Compliance With GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation took effect in May 2018 and causes additional risks and costs



Our Solution: A User Centric Personal Data Marketplace

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Personal Data Store 

Users can easily aggregate their personal data across various data sources and gain an overview of their digital self

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Quick overview of all digital activities on the BitsaboutMe dashboard

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Personal Data Marketplace 

Users trade their “data for money” and have full control over which data is shared with whom under what conditions

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Mobile first consumer front end that works on all screen sizes

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Salesforce App

Enterprises can offer data deals to users and get access to high-quality data with consent through the Salesforce App

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Control and transparency create a new trust based customer relationship



Key Features Of Salesforce App

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Reverse CRM

Empower customers to keep their personal data up to date and let it sync automatically with CRM systems

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Consent Management

Obtain customer consent fully aligned with GDPR and manage the complete consent history in one place


Data Access

Gain access to high quality data according to explicit customer consent with minimal data transfer


GDPR Requests

Provide automated compilation of personal data reports and handle the processing of deletion requests



Your Benefits


Trusted Relationship

You increase customer loyalty and revenue through transparent data exchange


Data Quality

You are automatically informed about changes and keep your customer data always up to date


Enhanced Data

You can use additional information about your customers for more personalized products and services


GDPR Compliance

You can efficiently outsource the requirements of GDPR and avoid high fines



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