Make Your Customers the Driver of Your Digital Transformation

Fair use of consumer data provides a sustainable competitive advantage in a number of attractive use cases

Market Research

You understand your customers and markets on a completely new level of detail and based on hard facts instead of self-reported survey results.

Digital Transformation

Connect your CRM systems with BitsaboutMe and you always have up-to-date and high quality profile data, exceeding what Google and Facebook have individually.


You improve your advertising efficiency and the acquisition of new customers through the use of high-quality, user curated profile data with consent.

GDPR Compliance

You obtain granular and fully GDPR compliant consent for your existing and especially your future personal data applications.

Our Partnership with Deutsche Bank

Banks or fintechs: who will be shaping the future of the financial industry? The story behind our cooperation with Deutsche Bank.

More Information

BitsaboutMe Pro Account for companies


Get a quick overview over your reward budgets as well as the number of user profiles and the amount and types of consumer data that you have gained access to.

Consent Management

Easily configure data deals according to your business and data needs with our Consent Framework and upload them to the Personal Data Marketplace (PDM).

Data Queries

Submit data queries to the BitsaboutMe marketplace via a standardized interface and retrieve exactly the information for which you have consent from users.

Payment System

Maintain full cost transparency and budget control in your wallet while all micropayments rewarding users are processed by BitsaboutMe.

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