Problems For Individuals

Lack Of Control Over Data

Users lose control over their personal data when they give it away for “free” online services

Invasions Of Privacy

Many companies and governments violate the users’ privacy on a regular basis

Monetization Of User Data

Users do not participate when tech companies make a fortune trading their data



Our Solution: A User Centric Personal Data Marketplace

Personal Data Store

You can easily aggregate your personal data across various data sources and gain an overview of your digital self

Quick overview of all digital activities on the BitsaboutMe dashboard

Personal Data Marketplace

You can trade your “data for money” and have full control over which data is shared with whom under what conditions

Mobile first consumer front end that works on all screen sizes

Enterprise Systems

Institutions can offer you data deals and get access to high-quality data with your explicit consent

Control and transparency create a new trust based customer relationship



Key Features On BitsaboutMe

Easy Data Import

Connect to your online accounts and gather your personal data from across your life

Secure Storage

Store your personal information safely encrypted in your own Personal Data Store

Individual Analyses 

Learn what your data says about you and make better and smarter decisions

Data Marketplace

Unlock the value of your data by sharing it on the Personal Data Marketplace



Your Benefits

All Data In One Place

You can export your online data from different platforms and you store it centrally in one safe place

Full Control

You are in control over your personal data at any time and you actively manage your digital life

Attractive Data Deals

You receive data deals from trustworthy institutions and you decide whether to accept or decline

Money For Data

You get paid for sharing your profile data in a secure, fair and transparent way with partners you trust

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