How geo-masking works

BitsaboutMe offers with the geo-masking technique an innovative way to share GPS data in an aggregated and anonymous way by only sharing information from previously clearly defined areas. All GPS data outside these areas are invisible to the data requestor. This allows you to share relevant information about your location without revealing your privacy.

These areas can be very different in nature. For instance, all railway stations in Switzerland, the USA, or the city of Geneva (see example below). This depends on the interest of the data requestor defining the offer. Before you agree to such a geo-offer, you should therefore always take a close look at the activated areas. After that, you decide individually whether you want to share the corresponding information or not. Maybe it’s OK for you to share your stay at stations, but when you were in the USA, it’s only your business.

A concrete example

If you accept the offer, BitsaboutMe will place the defined areas like a mask over your geodata. In this way, only the information that is in selected areas will be shared.

Geo-masking Region of Geneva

If, for example, you release the evaluation of your geo-data for a certain area (above: City of Geneva), the data requestor only receives the information if and when you have been in this area (in this case 8 times which belong to the positions within the area):

Geneva area:

Data points geo-masking

No data outside the selected area will be passed on nor will details of your movement within the area be passed on (especially relevant for large areas, e.g. USA).

In this way, sharing GPS data is much less critical than sharing your entire GPS track with your place of residence, place of work, and you always decide for yourself what information you are willing to share.