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The Personal Data Store (PDS) is an encrypted database dedicated to one specific user. The PDS holds the personal data of a user and is hosted in a secure data center in the EU or in Switzerland. Each PDS is protected by a user password that only the user knows. No third party can ever read or access the data without that password, not even BitsaboutMe.

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The Personal Data Marketplace (PDM) is completely separated from your individual Personal Data Store (PDS) and connected via our Consent Management System (CSMS). If you decide to share your personal data profile under clearly defined conditions, then this data profile will be uploaded from your PDS to the PDM. The PDM is the online marketplace where your data is put to work. In the PDM the data is anonymized  and decrypted – otherwise it is unusable. Those data processors that you grant access to your personal data profile can access it for analyses.

The PDM is part of the next phase of BitsaboutMe and will be launched soon.

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Traditional model
(Google, Facebook, etc.)


Business model: Selling user data, the consumer is the product. Business model: Service provider, enabling consumers to monetize their own data for a commission.
Privacy as after-thought Privacy by Design
Consumers give away the rights on their data by signing the user agreement. All data always belongs to the consumer. BitsaboutMe cannot touch, see or sell the data.
Data is stored unencrypted in order to data mine and monetize it. All data is encrypted, only the user has the key to decrypt it.
Data is used to build user profiles which are then sold to advertisers. Only user initiated analysis is done on the data. User profiles are curated by users and only shared by them.
Little control over data, extracting and deleting data is made cumbersome. Full control at all times, straight forward extraction and deletion.
Data controllers bag all revenues from data sharing/selling. Consumers earn revenues from sharing their data, BitsaboutMe gets a commission for the sale.
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We sell services – not data. We charge companies when we build automatic connectors to their CRM systems, in order to make data export easier for you and for them.

In the long term, we plan to develop services for data processors (universities, market researchers, app developers, etc.) who are willing to pay for controlled access to your data.

If you explicitly agree to provide this access, companies may offer you such data deals. If you provide access to parts of your data, we will manage the transaction and make sure that it happens according to the agreed terms in a save and secure way. If the data processor pays you for the access, then we will take a commission of that transaction.

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Yes, you can export your data. We are an open platform and comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can manage and extract all of your personal data. You find the export functionality in the section “My account”.

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Currently, we do not offer the possibility to edit data directly in the PDS.

What you can do, however, is to delete incorrect data records from your PDS.

To correct data at the source, you have to work with the data holder where the data originally came form. As soon as you have made changes there, these will be transferred to the PDS with the next update.

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We only use session cookies (definition). They are needed to manage the encrypted communication between browser/app and the server. Those cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser.

We do not leave any data trails behind. This is the reason why you do not see a cookie disclaimer on our site. We also do tracking in Matomo deliberately without cookies. We believe that this is the maximum we can do to protect your privacy while you use our service.

You will never find any 3rd party cookies on our site that are used to profile users and then to sell that data to advertisers.

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For the PDS we use SQLCipher. SQLCipher is an open source extension to SQLite that provides transparent 256-bit AES encryption of database files. In the mobile space, SQLCipher has enjoyed widespread use in Apple’s iOS, as well as Android for quite sometime.

For the communication with our servers we use only HTTPS end-to-end encryption.

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