Nutzeroberfläche Datenvergleich auf BitsaboutMe

We are constantly adding new features to our platform to ensure that you always get the most out of your data. Almost at the same time as we launched our new website, we have also added a highly anticipated feature to BitsaboutMe: Your Data in Comparison.

With this new tool, you can see how many records your are storing in your PDS and how you score in cross-comparison to other marketplace participants. The new dashboard graph shows you:

  • How many records you store per data source
  • How you score in percent with your data
  • Which rank you achieve

The ranking principle itself is quite simple: depending on how many other marketplace participants you exceed in terms of percentage, you will be assigned the appropriate rank – gold, silver or bronze – for each of the listed data sources.

Google, email, social media and more

The analysis includes the total number of records in your PDS, the number of sent and received emails, location data, your social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as the number of web pages (URLs) you have visited on Chrome.

Users from Switzerland can also compare their shopping data from Coop and Migros. This includes the total number of products purchased with the Cumulus Card and the Supercard, as well as your preferences for organic products and discounts. If you have already activated your personal Nutri-Score, you will find it in the ranking too.

Curious about how you rank with your data? Then find it out now on BitsaboutMe!

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