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Discover now on BitsaboutMe what Swisscom knows about you: archive your connection data, the history of the services you have used, dialled numbers as well as information on duration, time and location in one safe and secure place.

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  1. Send this letter with a copy of your identity card to Swisscom
  2. Open the received data extract with the program 7-ZIP
  3. Decrypt the file containing your connection data with the password from Swisscom
  4. Sign up on BitsaboutMe for free and upload the file Randdaten.xlsx

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Data Request Swisscom

  • Send this letter to Swisscom and complete it with your details (surname, first name, address, residence, email, customer number and mobile number). In addition, enclose a copy of your identitiy card with the letter.
  • Swisscom will then send you your data extract in the form of an USB stick by post as registered letter within 30 days.
  • To open the file, you will need the program 7-Zip. You can download it here for free. Double click the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions.
  • Now switch to the Swisscom ZIP file and right click on it to open the context menu. Hold your cursor on 7-Zip, click on Extract files and specifiy the folder where you want to extract the file. The communication data is stored in CSV encrypted format. Swisscom will send you the password for decryption via SMS to your mobile number.
  • As soon as the files are decrypted, go to BitsaboutMe and log in with your user account. Under My Data you can now upload your data extract file Randdaten.xlsx (for former data requests, upload the files +41_Your_Number_NA.csv and +41_Your_Number_TEL.csv) to your PDS. You will find this file in the folder Randdaten.

After importing your Swisscom data, you can explore your communication data in detail.