Coop Data on BitsaboutMe

BitsaboutMe helps you to make sense of your Coop data

Discover now on BitsaboutMe what your digital receipts from Coop reveal about you and keep track of the products you have bought and your consumption patterns. Moreover, you create the basis for the Nutri-Score analysis developed in collaboration with ETH Zurich.

You already have an account? Login here

    1. Go to and login with your Supercard ID an
    2. Under App & Digitale Services, activate the digital receipt
    3. Create your BitsaboutMe account and connect your email containing your digital receipts under My Data

Detailed instructions

User interface for the Supercard ID Login
  • If you do not have a Supercard ID yet, you can create it here.

Please note: If you do not have a Supercard yet, you can easily order your Supercard with a minimal investment of time. Once you have filled in your personal information, you will receive your Supercard within two weeks by post.

  • Go to App & Digitale Services to the page Digitaler Kassenzettel. Now you can define your personal settings. We recommend you to choose everywhere the option Digitalen Kassenzettel als PDF erhalten. After each purchase you will now receive an email with your receipt as a PDF attachment in your inbox.
Coop Supercard user interface for activating the digital receipt
  • Once you have activated the digital receipt, you can import your Supercard data into your Personal Data Store (PDS). Register on BitsaboutMe or login with your account and go to the My Data section. Click on the Coop icon, connect the email account containing your digital receipts and your Supercard data will be continuously imported into your PDS.