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Sustainable mobility

One of the most effective ways to reduce our carbon footprint is to reconsider how we travel from A to B.

Sustainable mobility with e-car

Nearly 30% of the total CO2 emissions in the EU – in Switzerland even 33% – are attributable to our mobility, i.e. to driving a car, taking the train or flying, and freight transport.

Anyone who forgoes the car for his or her daily commute and takes the train instead can already avoid many emissions, as public transport has a better energy balance than cars. And those who use the bicycle or walk not only protect the climate, but also do something good for their health.

But let us remain realistic: This year, most of us will probably have to use a car at some point. But here too, there are a number of ways to keep greenhouse gas emissions as low as possible. One of these are, for example, sharing a car with others or making use of car-sharing services.

When choosing a type of car, it is also advisable to use a model with low fuel consumption or one that runs on electricity instead of gasoline and to pay attention to an energy-saving driving style (see Eco-Drive). So use the accelerator and brakes sparingly – by driving efficiently you can do a lot to reduce emissions and promote sustainable mobility.

Air travel – especially long-haul flights – has a greater impact on the personal carbon footprint than almost any other activity. Before you book a flight, it is worth checking whether there is a train connection. This is especially the case for city trips within Europe. Even more ecological is it to spend your vacations nearby and explore opportunities for inland hiking and cycling.

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