Tips for a sustainable lifestyle

Sustainable goods

Buying less is the first step. Beyond that, there are simple ways to reduce the impact from our purchases.

Young woman promoting sustainable consumption

The first step in reducing your CO2 emissions is to generally buy less. In addition, it is also more climate- and environment-friendly if you use second-hand items instead of buying new ones, share not everday products or exchange your clothes with others.

Another factor is conscious shopping. It pays off, therefore, when buying new clothes, to rely on organic cotton, since its cultivation produces only about half as much CO2 emissions as conventional cotton. Also look for a Fairtrade logo or environmentally friendly label.

By the way: online shopping can sometimes be less harmful to the climate than shopping in physical stores, as a lot of emissions are also produced by stationary trade (air conditioning and lighting of the building, delivery, plastic bags, etc.). However, there are a few points to consider when shopping online, such as bundling your purchases. It is therefore worthwhile to order several products together and have them shipped at the same time, so that mutliple packages can be avoided.

As with normal shopping, you can also make sure that you order from European retailers when shopping online. And if there is an option to do so, it is also recommended to choose climate-neutral shipping. In this way you can compensate for the CO2 emitted by shipping.

Online shopping causes a lot of packaging waste. But you can also make an impact here by giving preference to online shops that offer environmentally friendly packaging or even support reusable systems.

In 2018, every sixth package in Germany was returned. This not only causes additional costs, but also has a negative impact on the environment. Thus, it makes sense to collect as much information as possible about the product before ordering it as well as picking the right delivery time to avoid returns.

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