Cashback Program Terms

This translation is provided for informational purposes only. In case of inconsistencies, the original German Text is binding.

All terms not otherwise defined herein shall have the definitions set forth in the Terms of Service.

These Cashback Program Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) govern Your participation in the BitsaboutMe Cashback Program (the “Program”).

You may participate in the BitsaboutMe Cashback Program by accepting the respective Cashback Offer on the BitsaboutMe platform. Eligibility for cashback is coupled to the use of the Personal Finance Management (PFM), i.e., at least one bank account must be connected for verification of receipts.

When You participate in the Program, You anonymously share Your bank transactions (date, vendor, amount, category) only in the qualifying categories, Your electronic and scanned receipts and your demographics (household, age, gender, postal code). By doing so, You allow BitsaboutMe to anonymize and store these data. The anonymized data is analyzed and shared only in aggregation, it contains no personal identifiable information (name, email, address, etc.) and cannot be attributed to you as an individual in any way.

Only BitsaboutMe users providing the above listed data are eligible to accept the Cashback Offer. Cashback is granted in the amount of 1% on the total purchase amount is granted in the users’ wallet under two conditions: The submitted receipt needs to be attributed to one of the qualifying “Food & Groceries” categories, i.e., Food & Beverages, Tabak & Alcohol, Household articles, and also be matched with a bank transaction. We require a matching bank transaction to ensure that submitted receipts indeed belong to the household claiming the cashback.

We will automatically or manually review all submitted receipts and reserve the right to reject any submitted receipt where we detect a mismatch with categorization or with the associated bank transaction, without stating any reasons. If a cashback is rejected, then no data is being shared for this receipt.

We also reserve the right to temporally or permanently ban users from the Cashback Program at our sole discretion, when we detect false information or other forms of non-compliance.

When the receipt is approved, then the users is notified, and the cashback reward is credited to the users’ wallet. Users can request a payout when the minimum payout balance is reached in their wallet. Payouts are made every two weeks to the user’s specified bank account. The maximum payment per month is limited to ten Swiss Francs (CHF 10) or ten Euro (EUR 10) in Germany respectively. In case of fraud, unpaid cashback can be rolled back.

Users can stop data sharing at any time by revoking the Cashback Offer on the Marketplace. In this case, no more data is being shared, and You will no longer receive cashback. Please note that data contained in an already anonymized and aggregated dataset cannot be deleted retroactively.

You may not participate in the Program where doing so would be prohibited by any applicable laws or regulations. You must be eighteen (18) years or older and a resident of the EU or Switzerland.

We reserve the right to terminate and disqualify You at any time from participating in the Program if You do not comply with any of these Terms and Conditions.

We reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue the Program, either temporarily or permanently (or any part thereof), with or without notice. We will not be liable to You in the event of any modification, suspension, or discontinuance of the Program. We reserve the right to amend, modify or waive these Terms and Conditions at any time in its sole discretion.