Startbildschirm eines Smartphones mit BitsaboutMe PWA

As of late, the BitsaboutMe Progressive Web App – PWA for short – has been launched. The new PWA focuses on an innovative and better user experience and brings multiple advantages. Thus, it focuses on the essentials, namely making it as easy as never before for users to manage their personal data.

The term “Progressive Web App” refers to an innovative method of app development. Way back in 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the visionary idea of web apps along with the launch of the iPhone, talking about applications “that look and behave exactly like native apps”. Other major players such as Google rely on PWAs and have meanwhile established this technology and are working continuously on its optimization.

Focus on better user experience

With the new PWA, BitsaboutMe offers you the full functionality of a native app with the advantage that it is platform Independent. That is to say, you do not have to download it from one of the app stores, but install it directly via Internet browser.

By clicking on the three dots button (Android) or share button (iOS), you can easily add the PWA to your home screen, where it will appear as an icon like a native app. It elegantly combines the benefits of mobile and desktop. Our PWA has the “Look and Feel” of a native app and offers many additional advantages, such as a faster reaction time and full-screen display.

How to install the BitsaboutMe Progressive Web App

Moreover, the PWA works smoothly on the smartphone as well as on desktop. By the way, the term “Progressive” in the name means that our latest achievement can be used by any user. So, it does not matter what operating system or browser is used.

Our PWA also requires very little internal memory space. Since no app installation in the classical sense is necessary, its storage requirements are 80-90% less than those of a native app.

Furthermore, the PWA will be automatically updated every time you login to your BitsaboutMe account. This keeps you up to date without the need for manual updates, as it would be necessary with a native app.

Sounds good? Discover the BitsaboutMe PWA now and experience the difference right away!

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