BitsaboutMe launches Google connector

BitsaboutMe has been extended with some great features! In this article we briefly present our latest accomplishments.

Google data

Chrome, Google search, Location history, Google Fit… pretty much everyone uses Google’s online services. The use of these “free” services generates an immense volume of data, which is – depending on your personal settings – more or less completely stored by Google. Since 2011, Google has been providing its own services for viewing and exporting these data, although still relatively unknown.

To give you a quick overview, we have therefore developed a connector that allows you to import your personal Google data via Drive directly into your BitsaboutMe account. This even pays off twice: it allows you to enrich your BitsaboutMe account with a lot of personal data and thus complete it, and now you own a copy of your own Google data, even if you decide to delete your Google profile.

To get you started, we have also implemented two new data cards on the dashboard, where you can click through to the detailed data at any time. You can see your steps by hour of the day as well as the search terms you used over the last 12 months in graphic form. More reasons to take a closer look at the new Google connector!

Improved details section and full-text search

It has become increasingly difficult to keep track of our digital lives. That’s why we revised the details section. We now offer a user interface that gives you an overview of your entire digital life and allows you to manage it easily and efficiently.

The details section now has an improved visual presentation with infinite scroling as well as more powerful search and filter functions. The built-in filter allows you to select the time span and the data sources you want, as well as browse through your items using the full-text search for a specific topic.

Since BitsaboutMe is fully guided by “Privacy By Design” principles, each item is by default set to “Private” mode. You can use the function at the right side of the screen to switch to “Hide”,”Share” or “Delete” as you wish.

Tips and tricks

On our website you will also find useful tips on how to protect your online privacy and control your personal information. You will learn interesting facts about the importance of privacy settings, protecting data on your devices, blocking web tracking, reducing browser advertising and deleting personal information on different online platforms.

And then?

For BitsaboutMe, the introduction of the new functions is one more milestone in the company’s young history. However, this is by no means a reason to lie back and relax! We still have a lot of plans and we are always striving to improve and expand our services. Looking towards the future, we are commited to recognizing the potential of new ideas in the personal data ecosystem and putting them into practice.

Check out the new features on BitsaboutMe! Don’t have a BitsaboutMe account yet? Register here for free.