Data co-op deals

The balance of power in the global data economy is still very unequally distributed. Your data as an individual is only of little interest to companies. In contrast, datasets with combined anonymous user information are in great demand. It is our mission – as a kind of data cooperative – to bundle the interests and strengths of private users vis-à-vis companies on the BitsaboutMe marketplace. The recent launch of the data co-op deals allows us now to do this even more effectively.

Data co-op: achieving more together

In our discussions with partners who buy data on the marketplace, we have learned that companies are initially reluctant to put together specific datasets themselves. They would rather have access to existing, standardized datasets as a first step. In this way, they quickly obtain a sufficient amount of data to be able to make statistically relevant statements.

With our new data co-op deals, we are simplifying this data exchange by bringing together individual data from many users with their consent in topic-specific anonymous datasets (e.g. consumption data, media usage, geodata). “Co-op” stands for “co-operative”, i.e. an offer allowing you and other users to group together and thus to achieve a collective effect.

This makes sharing data on the marketplace even more attractive:

  • Your premiums increase: If we can sell these datasets directly to selected partners, we will distribute the proceeds from these sales to all users who contribute to the respective dataset.
  • Our marketplace becomes more lively: In addition, data co-op deals create more activity on the marketplace when companies will request specific combinations of data on a user level in an individual offer.
  • We can better represent your interests: The co-op datasets will help us to better understand the added value of different data categories and thus further improve the discussions with our partners.

We only offer datasets with aggregated and anonymized data, which do not contain any personal information such as name, address, email, etc. All details and terms can always be found in the description of the respective deals on the marketplace.

And what is in it for you?

In the coming weeks, we will launch various specially labelled data co-op deals on the marketplace. If you accept such a deal, we will pay you a one-time reward in advance for your contribution to the co-op dataset. The extent to which we will sell these datasets to generate additional revenues for you remains to be seen in practice.

You will always be informed when a dataset in which you participate is sold to a new partner and you will also be credited with your share of the sales price. As usual on our marketplace, you will also have the possibility to terminate your participation at any time by revoking your consent. In this case, your data will be removed from the corresponding dataset and you will no longer receive any apportionment of the proceeds generated.

Curious? Discover our new deals now and become part of the data co-op!

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