Data overview on BitsaboutMe dashboard

We have recently released a major update that includes some pretty big changes on your dashboard. You now have an improved overview of your digital life as well as a personal sentiment analysis based on your emails. So we want to tell you a little more about what you can do with these new features!

Better overview of your digital life

The most obvious change to BitsaboutMe is the redesigned dashboard card Your Personal Data.

A fresh and clear graph makes it easier than ever to get an overview of your digital life, add new data sources, view and analyze your data.

When you mouse over the eight different data types on the new dashboard card, you will see at a glance how many records per data type your PDS contains. You can also see which data sources belong to which data type. You can find your Google Fit data under Health and Fitness. Under Retail you get to see your purchasing data from Coop, Migros and several online shopping platforms. If you are from Germany, you can see your PAYBACK data here instead of Coop and Migros. The category Social Media shows all your posts from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The item Internet gives you access to your Google and Amazon search queries and to the history of your visited websites. You location data from Google, Facebook, Instagram as well as Swisscom, are summarized under Mobility. In Messages and Email you get to see all your sent and received messages. Emails from all connected accounts, Facebook and LinkedIn messages, as well as SMS and calls from Swisscom. The category Streaming Media includes all your activities on Netflix, Spotify and YouTube. For Finance, we currently only offer the connector for Deutsche Bank. More will follow soon – so stay tuned!

By clicking on one of these categories you directly get to the Stats section, where you can browse through your stored data. If you click on the icon in the middle, you will get directly to your personal data profile. There you can check, correct and complete your information.

And if you have not connected all your online accounts yet, just click below the graph to add new data sources. It’s that simple!

Sentiment analysis for new insights

Are you curious what your emails say about you? Then we have something for you: the new dashboard card Email Insights that shows you your mood.

Sentiment analysis

The basis for the sentiment analysis is the content of your sent messages from all your connected email accounts. If you are a diligent email user, your sent messages from the past two weeks will be analyzed. Otherwise, you can extend the time span to the last four weeks to see a meaningful evaluation. The analysis is done on our servers using the open source software Polyglot, i.e. your data is never shared with third parties and only you can see the result. For the analysis we evaluate each word individually and then calculate the average. The result – that is to say your mood – is evaluated on a scale from -1 (bad) to +1 (good) and displayed on the graph with the corresponding symbol.

Below your mood curve we also show you the number of emails you send and receive. Further, you can see how many of them fall outside working hours (8:00-18:00). However, this happens independently of the sentiment analysis and only provides you further indications to better understand the evolution of your mood.

Do you want to know what your emails say about you? Then find it out on BitsaboutMe! And if you are not using BitsaboutMe yet, now is a good time to check it out.

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