Logic of BitsaboutMe Receipt Manager

Digital receipts are the order of the day. They give you a better overview of your spending and finances, are climate friendly and – unlike paper receipts – can always be found immediately. With our new receipt manager, we now allow you to digitally consolidate and securely store all your shopping receipts. Have them automatically matched, categorized, and analyzed with your bank and credit card transactions – and save a lot of time managing your financial life!

Never search for receipts again

With the newly developed feature on BitsaboutMe, we show you your expenses from different bank accounts and credit cards at a glance. You can see not only when and on what you spent your money, but also where you stand at the end of the month and what your biggest budget items are.

The new thing about our solution is that you can manage your finances not only by your accounts or your receipts individually, but now also in combination. The tedious reconciliation is no longer necessary, the two areas are linked fully automatically and digitally.

After the connection with your bank or credit card account, all functionalities are available in the new section Finances.

Overview of expenses
Overview of all expenses with automatic categorization
Transaction details
Detailed view with valuable additional information and the possibility to sort expenses yourself
Receipt scanner on BitsaboutMe
Scanning feature for digitizing paper receipts

Electronic receipts from your connected online accounts (i.a. Migros, Coop and Amazon) are automatically matched and linked to the respective transactions. You always remain in full control: all your financial information is encrypted and stored securely at user level, which means that no one can see or access your personal data and analyses. You can further find a holistic overview of your digital receipts under Finances > Receipts.

We hope that paper receipts will soon become a thing of the past and be replaced by digital receipts. This is better for the environment and simplifies the use of data. But it is very important that the digital solution respects our privacy and that our shopping behavior cannot be spied on in the process – just like when we switched from cash to digital payment. Until we are ready, we offer you the possibility to digitize your paper receipts quickly and easily.

To do this, you can go to Finances > Scanner, take a photo of your paper receipt from other retailers and add them to the corresponding transaction – quickly and easily. However, you do not just save a photo of your receipt, we also digitize the content to enable automatic matching and future searches.

What is next …

Importing bank data will become easier when more banks in Germany and Switzerland offer an automatic programming interface in the future. After the first experiences, we will continuously expand these offers.

At the same time we will offer additional features how you can use your electronic receipts e.g. for your carbon footprint, your nutrition, your tax declaration, your expense report, a warranty claim and many more.

We also rely heavily on artificial intelligence for automation. We develop the algorithms ourselves and do not rely on the big data companies’ offerings. We see a great danger if they only further expand their market power in combination with data and AI solutions. We want to counter this with a user-centric model for data and algorithms.

You can help us to further improve the automatic recognition and categorization of receipts by anonymously providing us with your receipts as training data. By doing so, you are making an important contribution to ensuring that Amazon and Google do not remain the only ones able to offer this kind of artificial intelligence. As always with BitsaboutMe, sharing data is completely voluntary and can be stopped at any time.

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