Your Privacy and Digital Rights

BitsaboutMe is all about online privacy and data sovereignty. We followed from the very beginning the principles of Privacy By Design and Privacy By Default.

These principles are also reflected in our product and in our legal Framework as described in the 3 documents below. We are not hiding anything and tried hard to keep them as short and easy to understand as possible – with moderate success. We appreciate when you take the time to read them and provide feedback:

Terms and Conditions

Describe the ground rules of BitsaboutMe and the Personal Data Store (PDS) in particular. You accept them, when you create your account and use the PDS. When you decide to participate in the marketplace, then an additional set of rules applies.

Privacy Policy

Describes in detail what we do with your data and your rights as a user. The privacy policy applies to the entire BitsaboutMe platform, both PDS and marketplace.

Marketplace Rules

Describe how the different parties – consumers, companies or institutions and BitsaboutMe – interact on the marketplace. Those rules only apply, if you participate in the marketplace, and you accept them by enabling the marketplace inside our application.

Conditions for Participation

The terms of participation regulate the rights and obligations of companies and institutions that participate in the marketplace as data requesters.

If you have any questions about your privacy or how we collect and process your data, please contact us at